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"I feel so different on spending time with you"
Debbie A. Southampton


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About Mike Lever

Mike Lever is a bit of a maverick in the world of Life Coaching. He doesn't work with goal setting, because, to quote him, "although effective, goal setting is never MOST effective!"

As a Therapeutic Life coach he doesn't even entertain the idea of Stress Management, Mike works with Stress Banishment "Why learn how to manage what is uncomfortable, when the reason for it being there is to teach you how to become comfortable!"

In Mikes world no-one IS depressed or limited. As he says "They may THINK they are, which feels the same. " Mike teaches this difference, in no uncertain terms. "Beware the difference between who you are and what you think, to quote Thomas Merton, this is -the abyss that separates us from ourselves" Working with Mike will enable you to reframe your self-image in a way that will completely transform your life. You will lose the need to defend your insecurities thus transforming them. You will move away from 'what if' and understand more about 'what is'.

Mikes will show you how it is that your future is actually happening NOW, so however you want your future to be, you will learn how to FEEL it NOW!

Mike is fully aware that your confidence happens inside of you and not outside, so he will expose your 'dependent confidence' which has had you trying to achieve things before you believe in yourself and turn this into 'independent confidence'. As Mike says "It's there in the word Con -fidence, this is the Latin for 'with faith', and faith is felt inside of you not outside!"

Mike grew up from the minute he learned to talk, with a stutter that that many would have viewed as an impediment. But Mike used this potential problem to think differently about words. He became skilled in witnessing the words that he would use before they were spoken. This way he could edit out and replace words that could be problematic.

Because of this 'witnessing' ability Mike soon became aware of words and thought patterns that were going on inside his head and how they would affect him.

Although at 12 years old he was not that good at sport he became captain of the football team. At 13 while applying himself to his hobby of archaeology, he appeared in the Daily Telegraph. Later in his teens, although only an 'average musician', he was founder member of several rock bands and finally became a professional musician living and working in London in the 1980's with regular appearances in the music press and on National TV and radio.

Mike grew up not paying attention to what people thought, what was far more important than this was how he felt and he was very aware of the direct correlation between this and his thoughts, so with his unique 'witnessing' ability he learned very early on that his thoughts were there to be trained.

Since then Mike has spent his life as a teacher, counsellor and Life Coach to both the public and high profile figures, passing on these unique insights. He has worked both in Europe and the UK to help people with:

  • Reaching their potential
  • Enhancing their professional game
  • Taking back control of their lives
  • Relationship Problems
  • Addictions and Habits
  • Panic Attacks and Phobias
  • Anger and Abuse
  • Depression
  • Confidence
  • Stress
  • Smoking and Weight Loss