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"Since the course I've found that everyone in the office seems more cheerful, even under stress"
T and W Accountants Wiimborne


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Corporate Life Coaching

How we live our life is a business and 40 million working days are lost each year due to this businesses mismanagement. We call this 'work related stress' and it in turn costs the working community over 9 billion per annum! (Source: Institute of Personnel & Development)

Within your business are lots of 'little businesses'. These 'little businesses' are the individual people who make up your team or workforce. Though small, these are very powerful units, so it is vital that their internal 'self-management' is sound. Remember, it is all these 'little businesses' which run your actual business.

For every one of us, living our lives is like running a business. We are familiar with working 'IN' this business, but how many of us can honestly say that we work 'ON' this business?

Your subconscious is your management team and problems occur when it only works at the level it reached when training was initially completed, which fundamentally was during the first 12 years of our lives.This 'management and team' uses software, which creates the results that confirm its opinion of itself and not necessarily what YOU, the Managing director feels!

Mike has spent years developing his unique coaching program, which gives the training necessary to learn constructive 'self management' of the individual - the small businesses within your actual business.

How much would your actual business profit from having every employee engaged and proficient in productive internal 'self management'?