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"It's been so easy to stop smoking..."
Tony W. Wimborne


* All Testimonials available upon request

The Good News

The great news for you is that by getting yourself to this page you've not only identified the problem, but you've also found the solution! From here on in it's easy. Simply fill in your name and number below for a relaxed, friendly chat.. It costs nothing to talk and you are under absolutely no obligation.

Need a bit more information first? Then please read on...

What habits can you cure?

Pretty much any habit or addiction you can think of. Drink, drugs, smoking, gambling, overeating...the list goes on.

Will it work for me?

Absolutely! So long as you want to stop, you will. Using proven methods, we will work together to achieve a state where you'll not only be able to resist your habit, but you'll completely lose the desire to do it anymore ... Freedom!

How does it work?

At some point your subconscious got the idea that whatever it is that you're doing is in your best interest. This is not surprising when you understand that the workings of the subconscious are entirely literal. All we do is work together to teach you how to update your subconscious putting you back in control of your life and your behaviour.

How long does it take?

It goes without saying that every habit is as individual as its owner, it is therefore hard to generalize, however, most people need no more than 4 sessions to see remarkable changes in behaviour, some people need only 2!

What should I do now?

If you haven't done so already, fill in your name and number at the top of the page or call me on (023) 8036 4024. It costs nothing to talk and you're under no obligation whatsoever. Once we've spoken you can sit back and feel happy in the knowledge that you will soon be back in control of your own behaviour.